Using Video As Evidence In A Port St. Lucie Personal Injury Case

Few people know that the insurance company is actually employer to many surveillance companies across all of Port St. Lucie personal injury attorney. While unnecessary in straightforward cases, there are also some personal injury cases in which an insurance adjuster will hire investigators to obtain surveillance footage of you as proof that your injury is not as severe as you claim it to be.

However, since insurance adjusters will also be judged based on the height of their allocated expenses, they will try to circumnavigate the need for obtaining such footage in order to reduce their expenses.

When will the Insurance try to use surveillance footage against me?

Following an accident which left you injured, there is a certain period of time during which it is deemed appropriate of you to take time off from work. However, after a few months have passed, the likelihood of you being filmed increases significantly. Another reason for increased likelihood is when your claim begins to grow in size. This is because bigger claims are quick to end up in the insurance so called high complexity files. Cases that could cost them more make the insurance queasy, which is why they will become more likely to invest the money into an investigator who will obtain footage of you performing tasks they deem to be impossible due to your claimed condition.

How do I spot an Insurance investigator?

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Talk with your Injury Lawyer in Port St. Lucie if this is the case and they would be able to help you. They understand that any wrong move can jeopardize your claim. 

Is video surveillance even legal?

In Port St. Lucie, video surveillance is by no means illegal, though there are certain policies which have been put into place over the years. However, these policies are barely limiting to the Insurance investigators since they are still within their rights when it comes to encroaching on your privacy. The only real limitations put upon these investigators are that they are not allowed to film you while you are inside your home or near places heavily frequented by children, such as playgrounds. 

What is the purpose of video surveillance?

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